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1734 2145d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio 2.4.4  
1726 2153d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: workaround for Filebrowser crash with Juce2  
1724 2153d 12h tk /trunk/tools/ MIOS Studio: switched to new juce version  
1542 2276d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: preliminary version of MIOS Filebrowser  
1300 2741d 10h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 Bootloader v1.5: support for customized USB device name
Bootloader Update: added terminal commands
MIOS Studio: fix for device id != 0
1190 2857d 09h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: deleted all deleteAllChildren()  
923 3290d 08h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: try proper shutdown under Windows  
920 3290d 10h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: added some colours  
913 3292d 10h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: minor fix for terminal  
912 3292d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: [now] replaced by current timestamp  
910 3292d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: GUI improvements for beta2  
909 3292d 17h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: last GUI improvements before open beta  
894 3296d 08h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: GUI improvements  
889 3297d 13h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: fixed %s issue under Windows  
886 3298d 08h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: upload working  
878 3299d 05h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: filled some stubs  
877 3299d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ starting point for Mios Studio MkII