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1724 2151d 15h tk /trunk/tools/ MIOS Studio: switched to new juce version  
1626 2244d 10h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: allow to disable components of the main window  
1595 2258d 17h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: only store ports if selected  
1555 2271d 13h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: improved user interactions  
1542 2274d 14h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: preliminary version of MIOS Filebrowser  
1502 2355d 13h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: started with SysEx Librarian
+ some fixed warnings
1463 2503d 15h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio 2.2.3  
1190 2855d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: deleted all deleteAllChildren()  
1189 2855d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: updates for Linux  
1131 2978d 21h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: added MBHP_MF V3 tool  
1050 3170d 18h tk /trunk/ MIOS Studio 2.1  
1003 3224d 13h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: started with OSC tool  
940 3275d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: fix for workaround  
939 3275d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: added SysEx workaround for windows  
937 3275d 16h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio V1.0 (first try)  
935 3276d 10h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: added MBCV Tool  
932 3277d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: added GUI for MIDIO128 config (no MIDI send/receive yet...)  
928 3283d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: SysEx tool implemented, ready for beta5  
927 3285d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: started with SysEx tool  
924 3287d 15h philetaylor /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ mios_studio: reduce font size in Windows and fix some memory leaks  

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