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1724 2151d 00h tk /trunk/tools/ MIOS Studio: switched to new juce version  
1503 2353d 23h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: improved librarian  
1502 2354d 22h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: started with SysEx Librarian
+ some fixed warnings
1194 2851d 03h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: added deleteAllChildren() again to ConfigTableComponents  
1190 2854d 21h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/gui/ MIOS Studio: deleted all deleteAllChildren()  
935 3275d 19h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: added MBCV Tool  
932 3276d 20h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: added GUI for MIDIO128 config (no MIDI send/receive yet...)