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1544 2273d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: updates for Linux and Wintendo  
1542 2273d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: preliminary version of MIOS Filebrowser  
1507 2351d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/build/linux/ updated Linux setup of MIOS Studio  
1506 2351d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/build/ updated Wintendo setup of MIOS Studio  
1502 2354d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: started with SysEx Librarian
+ some fixed warnings
1501 2358d 12h tk /trunk/ MBLC/MBMM: use BUFLCD  
1312 2730d 10h tk /trunk/ MBCV updates  
1300 2738d 12h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 Bootloader v1.5: support for customized USB device name
Bootloader Update: added terminal commands
MIOS Studio: fix for device id != 0
1189 2854d 10h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: updates for Linux  
1141 2923d 16h philetaylor /trunk/tools/mios_studio/build/win32 -(VS2010)/ mios_studio: Add VS2010 Solution  
1139 2941d 13h tk /trunk/ added stm32f103x_exti.c  
1050 3169d 17h tk /trunk/ MIOS Studio 2.1  
1043 3183d 13h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: fixes for linux  
1004 3222d 02h philetaylor /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS_Studio OSC changes for Windows  
1003 3223d 11h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: started with OSC tool  
950 3268d 00h philetaylor /trunk/tools/mios_studio/build/win32/ mios_studio: MSVC resource information for icon/version info  
949 3268d 13h philetaylor /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ mios_studio: updated windows project and various fixes. Add compatibility with JUCE_VERSION > 1.50  
943 3269d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: added comboboxes for slider configuration  
941 3274d 10h philetaylor /trunk/tools/mios_studio/build/win32/ mios_studio: modified VC project and setup project.  
937 3274d 15h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio V1.0 (first try)  

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