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1960 1865d 11h tk /trunk/ MBCV: added new features  
1934 1888d 08h tk /trunk/ some updates for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 module  
1919 1897d 13h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: added optional APP_Tick() and APP_MIDI_Tick()  
1910 1903d 16h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: added MIOS32_TIMESTAMP  
1908 1904d 11h tk /trunk/programming_models/traditional/ programming_models/traditional: print PC immediately on hard fault  
1838 1970d 15h tk /trunk/programming_models/traditional/ Enable configUSE_PORT_OPTIMISED_TASK_SELECTION switch, seems to work  
1744 2168d 10h tk /trunk/ MBNG: optimized idle task memory consumption  
1660 2250d 20h tk /trunk/programming_models/traditional/ programming model: support for APP_Tick()  
1657 2255d 08h tk /trunk/ BUFLCD: consider LCD layout parameters
MBNG: support for more than 2 CLCDs
1534 2312d 12h tk /trunk/ programming model: added optional stack overflow handler  
1311 2768d 13h tk /trunk/ - bootloader v1.005 finalized
- midibox_seq_v4_047
1240 2816d 08h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx UIP driver: non-blocking link detection  
1170 2901d 13h tk /trunk/programming_models/traditional/ main.c: added hardfault handler  
1168 2902d 08h tk /trunk/programming_models/traditional/ MIO32 Programming Model: C++ constructors initialized after MIOS32 init functions now  
1114 3070d 13h tk /trunk/ updates for newer gcc versions  
1111 3078d 07h tk /trunk/programming_models/traditional/ added _exit()  
1086 3090d 14h tk /trunk/ blm_scalar and fastscan_button_matrix_16x16  
775 3413d 13h tk /trunk/ bitmap support for MIOS32_LCD  
736 3452d 14h tk /trunk/ added FreeRTOS utils  
735 3453d 09h tk /trunk/ updates to FreeRTOS v5.4.2  

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