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2425 807d 15h tk /trunk/ FreeRTOS 9: fixed warnings in apps and modules  
2405 886d 22h tk /trunk/modules/uip_task_standard/ OSC Server: support for ESP8266  
2161 1369d 20h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: some updates for emulation - however, PYMIDI throws a SIGABRT  
1893 1855d 18h tk /trunk/modules/uip_task_standard/ updates for C++ compatibility  
1610 2223d 17h tk /trunk/ MBNG: proper support for EVENT_BUTTON_MATRIX and LED_MATRIX  
1584 2232d 22h tk /trunk/ MBNG: support for labels stored on SD card  
1524 2280d 18h tk /trunk/ mios32_osc: use const parse tree to save RAM  
1489 2364d 19h tk /trunk/modules/ provide midimon and midi_router as generic module  
1472 2457d 16h tk /trunk/modules/uip_task_standard/ UIP terminal: generalized parsing  
1393 2571d 18h tk /trunk/modules/uip_task_standard/ OSC Server/Client: support for 14bit NRPN  
1387 2577d 22h tk /trunk/ UIP/OSC: globalized MIOS terminal interface
MBSEQV4: added store/restore terminal command
1322 2694d 19h tk /trunk/ MBSEQV4L: some minor changes after first successfull session :)  
1311 2707d 21h tk /trunk/ - bootloader v1.005 finalized
- midibox_seq_v4_047
1295 2715d 02h tk /trunk/ OSC Server/Client: improved TouchOSC adaption  
1294 2715d 03h tk /trunk/ OSC Server/Client: support for TouchOSC format  
1284 2726d 17h tk /trunk/ moved common UIP task/OSC server/client to modules/uip_task_standard