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1934 1889d 08h tk /trunk/ some updates for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 module  
1183 2891d 11h tk /trunk/modules/sid/ SID module: support for MBNet transfers  
851 3342d 11h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: snapshot of current state  
850 3343d 09h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: migrated to C++  
848 3344d 08h tk /trunk/ changed unsigned -> u8 in some structs  
838 3347d 08h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: fixed some warnings  
835 3350d 18h tk /trunk/ MBSID: now with preset patches in ROM  
832 3351d 09h tk /trunk/ MBSID emulation: started to add MIOS32/application code (not used yet...)  
803 3365d 07h tk /trunk/modules/sid/ sid.c: only initialize required CS lines  
802 3365d 08h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: various improvements  
800 3376d 08h tk /trunk/ MBSID: preparation for sidemu  
797 3378d 10h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: backup of current state  
130 3764d 19h tk /trunk/modules/ use MIOS32_IRQ_* instead of FreeRTOS specific Enter/Exit Critical macros  
96 3805d 09h tk /trunk/ support for MBHP_SID module