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1072 3100d 06h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ testing - bugfixes  
1055 3118d 07h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ fixed ugly bug in File_ReadWrite. R/W seems to work now.  
1054 3119d 09h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ lots of debugging; first successful r/w to two files  
988 3271d 09h this /trunk/modules/minfs/gnu_test/ added gnu test application  
985 3273d 08h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ fixed bugs;added RAM - caching- read- and write-layer  
806 3358d 09h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ removed bug in MINFS_FileOpen  
698 3509d 06h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
697 3509d 06h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ implementation finished, not yet tested  
696 3510d 06h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ GetFilePointer returns MINFS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_EXISTS now instead of MINFS_BLOCK_EOC  
695 3510d 06h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
680 3518d 07h this /trunk/modules/minfs/ Low-level functions done  
673 3520d 06h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
672 3520d 09h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
670 3520d 17h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
669 3520d 17h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
668 3521d 04h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
667 3521d 04h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
665 3522d 12h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
664 3522d 15h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  
660 3523d 09h this /trunk/modules/minfs/  

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