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1837 1968d 15h tk /trunk/  
1826 2009d 20h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ MBNET: fixed debug message  
1825 2009d 20h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ MBNET: fixed debug message  
1824 2009d 20h tk /trunk/ MBNET: changed LPC17 pin config for MBHP_CORE_LPC17 and added demo app  
1533 2313d 14h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ forgot to add mbnet_hal.h  
1191 2883d 18h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx: BSL hold mode and updater  
1185 2886d 19h tk /trunk/ updates for LPC1769  
1182 2887d 16h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ MBNet: allow continuous Tx transfers  
1179 2889d 14h tk /trunk/ implemented MIOS32_IRQ_Install and MIOS32_IRQ_DeInstall  
1178 2890d 03h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ MBNet: added hardware abstraction layer  
1177 2890d 14h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx: support for MBNet  
848 3340d 14h tk /trunk/ changed unsigned -> u8 in some structs  
699 3506d 15h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ MBNet: compatibility update  
567 3585d 01h tk /trunk/ v3.0.0 driver corrections for CAN and DMX  
391 3657d 13h tk /trunk/ MBNet updates  
308 3711d 17h tk /trunk/ changed printf -> MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage  
112 3794d 14h tk /trunk/modules/mbnet/ initial version of MBNet module