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2621 60d 09h tk /trunk/modules/file/ MBSEQ: corrected final tar backup message  
2617 61d 01h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: experimental support for backups into .tar file  
2471 769d 03h tk /trunk/modules/file/ FILE_DirExists(): ensure that it returns 0 if path name is empty  
2395 929d 18h Sauraen /trunk/modules/file/ Created FindNextDir and FindPrevDir functions to parallel those for files  
2161 1400d 05h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: some updates for emulation - however, PYMIDI throws a SIGABRT  
2039 1632d 07h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v4_085  
1827 1966d 06h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: allow to send multiple SysEx strings from single .syx file  
1698 2192d 05h tk /trunk/modules/file/ file: added optional upload callback  
1584 2263d 07h tk /trunk/ MBNG: support for labels stored on SD card  
1541 2276d 03h tk /trunk/ mios32_midi and file: added support for MIOS Filebrowser  
1538 2280d 03h tk /trunk/ MIDIO128: some improvements  
1460 2510d 11h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ Remix page: skip remix pattern correctly  
1399 2599d 10h tk /trunk/modules/ FILE: optimized FILE_ReadReOpen  
1356 2654d 02h tk /trunk/ Sample Player: added cache function  
1353 2654d 04h tk /trunk/ some updates for sample player  
1278 2759d 03h tk /trunk/ SCS: added browser function  
1261 2773d 06h tk /trunk/ - added modules/file
- MIDIO: added MIDI file player
- MBSEQ: added synched mute/unmute