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2558 434d 19h tk /trunk/ MBNG: improved default config for KB  
2555 443d 19h tk /trunk/modules/ws2812/ WS2812 driver: compatibility with newer devices  
2529 529d 19h tk /trunk/modules/blm_x/ BLM_X: added optional source driver inversion mask  
2519 568d 10h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Bugfixes and optimizations  
2517 569d 09h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Working on VGM saving  
2514 579d 18h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Long-term update  
2513 579d 18h Sauraen /trunk/modules/genesis/ Long-term update  
2500 711d 10h Antichambre /trunk/modules/blm_x/ module blm_x : added debounce-delay define  
2499 711d 10h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ VGMRam loading mostly working, program saving in progress  
2498 711d 10h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ VGMRam loading mostly working, program saving in progres  
2495 714d 20h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Some refactoring for load/save support  
2493 715d 16h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Preparations for VGM saving  
2489 729d 17h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Capture beginning to work  
2487 770d 08h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Working on capture function  
2483 778d 09h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Getting editing VGMs causing usage changes working  
2477 780d 11h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Got realloc working  
2474 782d 18h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Converted to new memory management system  
2473 783d 09h Sauraen /trunk/modules/vgm/ Fixed bug with program usage not updating  
2471 803d 18h tk /trunk/modules/file/ FILE_DirExists(): ensure that it returns 0 if path name is empty  
2467 815d 06h tk /trunk/modules/app_lcd/universal/ app_lcd for LPC17, CS extension at J28: also toggle MCLK  

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