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2578 285d 03h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17: fixed MIOS32_BOARD_J5_Get  
1935 1855d 09h tk /trunk/ revised MIOS32_BOARD and APP_LCD  
1934 1855d 22h tk /trunk/ some updates for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 module  
1930 1859d 00h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 STM32F4: some more board adaptions, not finished yet  
1899 1875d 03h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17xx board: reduce update rate of J15 SR  
1894 1884d 00h tk /trunk/ app_lcd: support for mixed CLCD/GLCD access  
1889 1889d 02h tk /trunk/mios32/ MIOS32_BOARD: another improvement for ser GLCDs  
1884 1891d 00h tk /trunk/mios32/ MIOS32_LCD: event more relaxed SERLCD handling  
1876 1904d 00h tk /trunk/ MBNG: fixed OSC receiver & try to make OLEDs more robust  
1852 1924d 22h tk /trunk/mios32/ MIOS32_BOARD_J15_DataSet: a bit more relaxed timing due for RCLK set to new compiler  
1842 1934d 22h tk /trunk/mios32/ MIOS32: improved MIOS32_BOARD_J15_SerDataShift  
1679 2203d 00h tk /trunk/ LPC17: J15 pins now always in push-pull mode  
1674 2207d 15h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17 CLCDs: improved robustness in MIOS32_BOARD_J15_DataSet  
1656 2224d 23h tk /trunk/ LCD (universal driver): support for up to 64 CLCDs  
1633 2239d 09h tk /trunk/ app_lcd/universal: added "testlcdpin" function  
1509 2337d 11h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17xx/mios32_board.c: it doesn't cause a failure, but I've a better feeling when the pull-up at P1.19 is enabled while polling the busy flag  
1508 2337d 11h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17xx/mios32_board.c: let P1.19 float  
1311 2736d 04h tk /trunk/ - bootloader v1.005 finalized
- midibox_seq_v4_047
1199 2841d 02h tk /trunk/ LPC17: adapted MIOS32_BOARD  
1191 2854d 03h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx: BSL hold mode and updater  

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