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1261 2803d 15h tk /trunk/ - added modules/file
- MIDIO: added MIDI file player
- MBSEQ: added synched mute/unmute
1259 2804d 11h tk /trunk/ MIOS32_USB_MIDI: check for number of cables  
1253 2806d 11h tk /trunk/ EEPROM emulation: adapted for LPC17, uses on-board IIC EEPROM  
1252 2806d 11h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17 USB: improved re-connect mechanism  
1243 2814d 15h tk /trunk/mios32/STM32F10x/ STM32 MIOS32_IIC: added IIC workaround by wackazong  
1242 2815d 14h tk /trunk/ LPC17 Bootloader: proper handling of USB device name  
1238 2816d 12h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ MIOS32 USB for LPC17: proper reconnect  
1237 2816d 12h tk /trunk/mios32/ MIOS32 SPI for LPC17: added workaround for DMA issue  
1232 2821d 14h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: improvements for LPC17 module  
1231 2822d 13h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 SYS for LPC17: ports are re-initialized before reset  
1230 2822d 13h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ MIOS32 USB for LPC17: strings are generated during runtime now  
1213 2859d 18h tk /trunk/mios32/STM32F10x/ STM32F10x/mios32_spi.c: minor optimizations  
1199 2873d 13h tk /trunk/ LPC17: adapted MIOS32_BOARD  
1197 2876d 11h tk /trunk/ port of MIDIbox SpeakJet  
1196 2881d 13h tk /trunk/ implemented MIOS32_IIC  
1191 2886d 15h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx: BSL hold mode and updater  
1185 2889d 15h tk /trunk/ updates for LPC1769  
1179 2892d 10h tk /trunk/ implemented MIOS32_IRQ_Install and MIOS32_IRQ_DeInstall  
1176 2893d 10h tk /trunk/mios32/LPC17xx/ LPC17xx: USB tx more stable now  
1172 2901d 15h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx: improved port initialisation, added MIOS32_AIN  

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