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1820 1996d 16h tk /trunk/apps/ added hint about to all existing Makefiles  
1343 2682d 10h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ nI2S_synth: reduced delay buffer for LPC17  
739 3422d 11h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/controller/  
738 3422d 12h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/  
734 3425d 10h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/controller/ new controller .exe files  
733 3425d 10h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ see app.c for changelog (mainly routing and bugfixes)  
732 3426d 10h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ ni2s: minor fixes  
727 3439d 08h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ minor bugfixes, enhanced patch support
[no new version]
726 3440d 06h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ see app.c for changelog  
675 3491d 12h tk /trunk/ MIOS32_MIDI SysEx Callback: allow to filter packages  
674 3491d 12h tk /trunk/ APP_NotifyReceivedEvent -> APP_MIDI_NotifyPackage
APP_NotifyReceivedSysEx and APP_NotifyReceivedCOM replaced by optional hooks
445 3598d 11h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ v0.0.1  
435 3600d 21h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ minor changes in the docu  
434 3601d 13h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ fixed error in sysex receiver - thanks TK  
433 3601d 15h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/controller/  
432 3602d 08h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ removed some debug functions that limited performance  
431 3602d 08h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/ comment fixed  
430 3602d 08h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/  
428 3602d 11h nils /trunk/apps/synthesizers/nI2S_synth/