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2348 1062d 05h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/ Beginning of real MIDIbox Quad Genesis project  
2342 1080d 15h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_vgmplayer/ MIDIbox VGM Player Official Release v1.000  
2339 1087d 08h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_vgmplayer/ VGM driver and app now play up to 4 VGM files at once with usually-decent performance!  
2337 1087d 16h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_vgmplayer/ VGM driver now has voice-chip routing working (play original voice on any chip any voice)  
2335 1089d 05h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_vgmplayer/ VGM driver now has background streaming and performance measuring  
2333 1090d 06h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_vgmplayer/ VGM driver now preloads sample block  
2327 1092d 11h Sauraen /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_vgmplayer/ Created project midibox_vgmplayer