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2425 870d 04h tk /trunk/ FreeRTOS 9: fixed warnings in apps and modules  
1184 2892d 07h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSID V3: support for MBNet based transfers  
1165 2904d 05h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSID V3: adaptions for LPC17xx  
1118 3071d 15h tk /trunk/ all apps: fixed some more warnings  
1066 3105d 07h tk /trunk/apps/ MBSEQ/MBSID: moved Makefile to top of project directory to avoid ../ pathes  
1057 3113d 11h tk /trunk/apps/ improved makefiles of MBSEQ and MBSID  
1002 3258d 11h philetaylor /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ SID Emul fixes for Juce > 1.50  
870 3334d 04h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: implemented drum engine  
866 3337d 05h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: created separate components directory  
865 3337d 05h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: moved to more OO approach  
860 3342d 03h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: some new objects  
854 3343d 05h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: added MbSidLfo and MbSidEnv  
851 3343d 08h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: snapshot of current state  
850 3344d 06h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: migrated to C++  
845 3346d 05h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 environment: preparations for usage of C++  
838 3348d 05h tk /trunk/ MBSIDV3: fixed some warnings  
835 3351d 15h tk /trunk/ MBSID: now with preset patches in ROM  
808 3361d 06h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: overworked trigger matrix, implemented multi engine - all 4 engines available now! :)  
805 3362d 07h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: implemented drum engine  
804 3364d 03h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSIDV3: bassline engine  

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