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2425 838d 05h tk /trunk/ FreeRTOS 9: fixed warnings in apps and modules  
2076 1604d 20h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/juce/Builds/ MBSID Emu: Enable VST for Linux/Windows  
2075 1604d 20h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/juce/ MBSID Emu: added more -Is  
2074 1604d 20h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/juce/ MBSID Emu: improved -I  
2073 1604d 20h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/juce/ MBSID Emu: added Linux Setup  
2072 1604d 21h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/juce/ MBSID Emu: added Windows makefiles  
2071 1605d 06h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/juce/ MBSID: removed obsolete files  
2070 1605d 07h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSID: updated juce plugin  
1869 1911d 10h tk /trunk/apps/ tasks.h: check if MIDIOUT semaphore exists  
1820 1996d 14h tk /trunk/apps/ added hint about to all existing Makefiles  
1408 2584d 07h tk /trunk/apps/ MBCV: added bassline sequencer  
1347 2667d 07h tk /trunk/apps/ MBCV: some improvements  
1338 2697d 11h tk /trunk/apps/ MBCV: added Arp/LFO/ENV  
1184 2860d 09h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSID V3: support for MBNet based transfers  
1165 2872d 07h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ MBSID V3: adaptions for LPC17xx  
1139 2944d 09h tk /trunk/ added stm32f103x_exti.c  
1118 3039d 16h tk /trunk/ all apps: fixed some more warnings  
1066 3073d 09h tk /trunk/apps/ MBSEQ/MBSID: moved Makefile to top of project directory to avoid ../ pathes  
1057 3081d 12h tk /trunk/apps/ improved makefiles of MBSEQ and MBSID  
1002 3226d 13h philetaylor /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v3/ SID Emul fixes for Juce > 1.50  

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