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2425 842d 17h tk /trunk/ FreeRTOS 9: fixed warnings in apps and modules  
2206 1250d 06h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: support for negative port delays  
2030 1652d 21h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ MBSEQV4L: some updates  
1976 1783d 22h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ MBSEQV4L: enhanced clear function  
1868 1915d 22h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ midibox_seq_v4_079
1864 1917d 22h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ MBSEQ: some changes for TPD  
1772 2120d 04h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4_lite/mios32/ midibox_seq_lite_v4l_075  
1769 2122d 22h tk /trunk/ MIOS32_IIC fix for newer gcc versions  
1754 2137d 00h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ MBSEQV4: added "set rec_quantisation" command  
1723 2158d 07h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4_lite/ MBSEQV4L: remote functions changed  
1715 2169d 07h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: support for "single_usb" option  
1712 2175d 21h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4_lite/ midibox_seq_v4l_071  
1710 2176d 02h tk /trunk/ MIDIO128: improved MIDI file loop synchronisation  
1655 2232d 01h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4_lite/mios32/ MBSEQV4L: update for 4 USB ports  
1529 2302d 07h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ midibox_seq_v4_064  
1524 2315d 21h tk /trunk/ mios32_osc: use const parse tree to save RAM  
1462 2514d 09h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4_lite/ MBSEQV4L: correct version number  
1442 2546d 22h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ MBSEQV4/L releases  
1422 2568d 07h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ midibox_seq_v4l_056
1391 2610d 23h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/ MBSEQ: updated BLM for Lemur  

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