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1156 2918d 04h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: support for LPC1768  
1146 2925d 05h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ midibox_seq_v4_0beta37  
1142 2955d 23h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ midibox_seq_v4_0beta34  
752 3445d 00h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ midibox_seq_v4_0beta7  
745 3449d 01h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ MBSEQ: added warning when invalid length is selected  
336 3702d 21h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ some more UI improvements  
318 3709d 00h tk /trunk/apps/ added flexible parametrisation to trigger/parameter layers  
303 3719d 23h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ trial support for 256 steps per track  
278 3724d 02h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ MBSEQ: improved LCD output performance by buffering characters via SEQ_LCD* functions  
184 3750d 01h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ pattern and mute handling  
179 3752d 07h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ CC modifications take place on all selected tracks  
173 3756d 00h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ added trkdiv and trklen