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2102 1555d 09h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ MBSEQ: store_file_required -> ui_store_file_required  
2101 1555d 10h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ: some updates  
1816 2066d 09h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ: some improvements  
1792 2122d 07h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ fixed artifact in mixer page  
1787 2130d 12h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ: added some features  
1531 2320d 06h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ midibox_seq_v4_065  
1142 2952d 04h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ midibox_seq_v4_0beta34  
1117 3068d 14h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: fixed some gcc warnings and prepared for midibox_seq_v4_0beta29  
1044 3213d 05h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: improved iPad performance (a bit...)  
1023 3223d 08h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ: added new features  
1014 3238d 05h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ V4: added undo button/LED function  
959 3296d 02h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: implemented sessions concept  
756 3439d 07h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ: bugfix for mixer page and delayed init function  
740 3448d 07h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v4_0beta3  
729 3457d 14h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ midibox_seq_v4_0beta2  
690 3514d 04h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: fixed some warnings  
401 3647d 06h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/core/ UI improvements  
285 3719d 10h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ MBSEQ: added MIDI port mapping  
280 3720d 02h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_seq_v4/ support for mixer maps