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2425 716d 21h tk /trunk/ FreeRTOS 9: fixed warnings in apps and modules  
1820 1875d 06h tk /trunk/apps/ added hint about to all existing Makefiles  
1290 2631d 03h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/csc/ CSC: added debug message  
1279 2637d 23h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/csc/ CSC: added sr_pin to note value  
1218 2697d 23h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/csc/ CSC: bugfix for SR DIN check  
1217 2698d 00h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/csc/ CSC: inverted DIN matrix selection  
1216 2698d 00h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/csc/ another quicky  
1215 2700d 01h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/midibox_link_ep/ quickie...  
1214 2700d 01h tk /trunk/apps/quickies/ added apps/quickies