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1228 2828d 15h hawkeye /trunk/apps/mios32_test/app_lcd/ssd1322/ Improved framerate and x-resolution of voxel demo... now runs at real 256@64 pixels with > 30 fps :-).  
1225 2829d 00h hawkeye /trunk/apps/mios32_test/app_lcd/ssd1322/ Added voxel space graphics demo (ssd1322 controller for Newhaven 256x64 OLEDs)  
1223 2831d 14h tk /trunk/apps/mios32_test/app_lcd/ssd1322/ SSD1322: added CC control  
1222 2831d 14h tk /trunk/ SSD1322 driver: not working yet on our OLED  
1201 2876d 15h tk /trunk/ added SSD1306 OLED driver  
1196 2885d 15h tk /trunk/ implemented MIOS32_IIC  
775 3417d 17h tk /trunk/ bitmap support for MIOS32_LCD  
703 3512d 14h tk /trunk/apps/ moved app_lcd/* from apps/examples to apps/mios32_test  
674 3525d 15h tk /trunk/ APP_NotifyReceivedEvent -> APP_MIDI_NotifyPackage
APP_NotifyReceivedSysEx and APP_NotifyReceivedCOM replaced by optional hooks
648 3550d 11h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  
643 3550d 15h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/ added flexible buffer size and specail FRAM support  
622 3558d 01h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  
621 3558d 03h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/ added multiple runs feature  
620 3558d 11h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/ updated readme.txt and default configuration  
619 3558d 11h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/ added some console messages  
616 3563d 09h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  
615 3563d 11h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  
614 3564d 02h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  
613 3564d 04h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  
612 3564d 04h this /trunk/apps/mios32_test/bs_rw_check/  

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