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1258 2805d 10h tk /trunk/apps/examples/speech_synth/ Speech Synth: removed redundant MUTEX_SDCARD_TAKE  
1250 2808d 11h tk /trunk/ SCS: allow to enter strings  
1249 2809d 10h tk /trunk/ SCS: some enhancements  
1248 2810d 11h tk /trunk/ SpeechSynth: some minor improvements  
1247 2811d 11h tk /trunk/apps/ Speech Synth: integrated SCS and SD Card support. Bugfix in mcu_synthdata.c prevents crash  
1231 2823d 11h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 SYS for LPC17: ports are re-initialized before reset  
1229 2824d 12h tk /trunk/apps/examples/speech_synth/ Speech Synth: some more serious changes ;-)  
1227 2825d 16h tk /trunk/apps/examples/speech_synth/ added speech synth demo  
1145 2929d 11h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_beta4_0beta36  
1144 2930d 15h tk /trunk/ implemented CV Autotune application  
1118 3070d 19h tk /trunk/ all apps: fixed some more warnings  
1110 3083d 09h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/doc/ added schematic of Fatar keyboard  
1109 3083d 09h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: final version?  
1108 3084d 13h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: improved scan loop  
1107 3084d 16h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: another fix for DOUT latch  
1106 3084d 18h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: try DOUT latching before DIN scan  
1104 3087d 12h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: allow to play row b  
1103 3087d 12h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: change pin mapping  
1102 3088d 10h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: another fix  
1101 3088d 11h tk /trunk/apps/examples/fastscan_button_matrix_16x16/ fastscan_button_matrix_16x16: next try  

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