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2656 46d 12h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/mcan/mios32_mcan_basic/ mod config.h example  
2655 46d 12h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/mcan/mios32_mcan_basic/  
2645 46d 14h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/mcan/ Add mcan basic example in playground  
2603 124d 11h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/ test eclipse subversive  
2602 129d 17h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/mcan/ test global ignore  
2601 130d 02h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/ delete test  
2600 130d 04h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/examples/ ignoring test in playground.  
2599 133d 13h Antichambre /playground/antichambre/ antichambre was here, svn ok.  
2570 317d 13h hawkeye / Moved loopa from playground to apps/sequencers :)  
2569 317d 13h root /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ Test only  
2187 1332d 14h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ A few cosmetic fixes for the first version of the mbloopa. This is the source-code, that was used in the first youtube-demo.  
2186 1334d 03h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ * enabled recording parallel to playback
* looping improvements (only looping the full clip, currently)
* added recording end to beatloop length (e.g. 16 steps)
* added flash-message displaying (important status informations)
2185 1334d 07h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ Multi-clip support, recording and re-recording to incremental midi files works now. Clip loops are still buggy.  
2184 1336d 01h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ Added session clip scanner.
Added a screen info renderer for current clip step positions and clip lengths for all eight clips.
Wired the left "clip switcher" encoder.
Rendering the currently active clip as inverted.
Added a startup mbloopa logo, during intial session scanning.
2183 1340d 23h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ Added antialiased graphical font, font renderer and simple status info bar (play/rec, position, midi file name).  
2182 1341d 12h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/mbloopa/ Initial MBLoopA commit (work in progress!)  
2120 1503d 20h borfo /playground/ delete test  
2119 1503d 20h borfo /playground/ test  
2114 1508d 23h hawkeye /playground/hawkeye/ (playground) forked mb_programma from mbng (for specialization to specific hardware and for adding additional synth programmer specific software parts)  
2003 1736d 12h norbim1 /playground/norbim1/SD card sample player/  

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