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2644 74d 02h Antichambre /branches/mcan/ branch test  
2585 229d 20h tk /trunk/tools/juce/ juce: added missing step for SDK installation  
2584 229d 20h tk /trunk/tools/juce/ juce: added REAMDE_1st.txt  
2256 1173d 16h tk /trunk/ tools/midi_value_scan: allows to display CC response in a plot  
2251 1186d 13h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: some 64bit improvements  
2180 1377d 17h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/ MIOS Studio: added "--duggle" flag  
2111 1539d 23h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/Source/ BLM: compile fix for linux  
2110 1539d 23h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: added Mute/Solo function to BLM16x16+X  
2065 1645d 15h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/ updated Lemur editor  
2064 1645d 15h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM emu: layout updates  
2059 1650d 19h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM: try locked queue  
2058 1651d 00h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM: added patch for Linux  
2056 1651d 12h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM Emu updates (currently only tested under MacOS)  
2055 1652d 13h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM: sync with lemur implementation  
2054 1652d 15h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM: added support for Windows and Linux  
2053 1652d 15h tk /trunk/tools/ BLM: added missing MacOS components  
2052 1652d 15h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/juce/ BLM: update to juce version under ../../juce  
1979 1805d 16h tk /trunk/tools/blm_scalar_emulation/lemur/ fixed BLM Lemur template  
1933 1890d 12h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: consider windows build  
1929 1895d 15h tk /trunk/tools/mios_studio/src/ MIOS Studio: speed up .hex file parsing  

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