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2649 43d 20h Antichambre /branches/mcan/mios32/common/ modification of mios32_midi.c in common  
2644 43d 22h Antichambre /branches/mcan/ branch test  
2560 401d 10h Antichambre /trunk/mios32/common/ In MIOS32_MIDI_ReceivePackage, TuneRequest(0xf6) Event is not treated as a SysEx Event anymore.  
2312 1089d 09h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: allow to re-assign UART interface for MIDI/COM during runtime  
1995 1739d 13h tk /trunk/mios32/common/ mios32_midi.c: fixed warning  
1994 1739d 13h tk /trunk/ MIOS32_LCD_PrintString, PrintFormatted etc. now "const char *" instead of "char *"  
1923 1867d 09h tk /trunk/ MIOS32_MIDI: renamed SPIx -> SPIMx to avoid clash with STM32 peripheral name  
1921 1867d 11h tk /trunk/ implemented MIOS32_SPI_MIDI  
1915 1872d 09h tk /trunk/mios32/common/ MIOS32: changed MIDI timeout handling to support superlong SysEx messages  
1896 1880d 10h tk /trunk/mios32/common/ MIOS32: added USB MIDI workaround for Windows  
1742 2141d 14h tk /trunk/ support for newer gcc versions  
1562 2272d 18h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 Bootloader V1.010 (now with reduced memory consumption)  
1560 2272d 20h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 bootloader v1.010  
1547 2277d 12h tk /trunk/mios32/common/ mios32_midi: don't forward SysEx to application if we receive a MIOS32 command  
1541 2278d 11h tk /trunk/ mios32_midi and file: added support for MIOS Filebrowser  
1477 2486d 13h tk /trunk/ implemented MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugString  
1328 2709d 13h tk /trunk/ LPC17: added 4th UART to driver  
1327 2710d 11h tk /trunk/ MIOS32/SCS/File: some minor updates to support callbacks under C++ properly  
1307 2741d 07h tk /trunk/ Bootloader: added various new parameters
LCDs: added mios32_lcd_parameters
LCD drivers: compined various LCD modules to MIOS32_LCD=universal (including clcd!!!)
1300 2743d 10h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 Bootloader v1.5: support for customized USB device name
Bootloader Update: added terminal commands
MIOS Studio: fix for device id != 0

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