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2644 69d 20h Antichambre /branches/mcan/ branch test  
1969 1837d 08h tk /trunk/ STM32F4: support for EEPROM emulation  
1795 2116d 08h tk /trunk/ support for STM32F4  
1599 2287d 06h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: output memory usage
umm_malloc: improved debug message + more control over heap location
1185 2887d 12h tk /trunk/ updates for LPC1769  
1167 2900d 07h tk /trunk/ LPC17xx Linker File/FreeRTOS: heap located in AHB SRAM now  
1156 2913d 11h tk /trunk/ MIOS32: support for LPC1768  
1115 3068d 08h tk /trunk/ -fpack_structs leads to crashes  
1113 3074d 10h tk /trunk/ updates for newer gcc versions  
1063 3101d 10h tk /trunk/ Switch to STM32 driver v3.3.0
Support for STM32F105RC
845 3342d 07h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 environment: preparations for usage of C++  
774 3413d 09h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: fixes for newer gcc version  
561 3587d 08h tk /trunk/ migrated MIOS32 to STM32 driver v3.0.0  
520 3593d 15h tk /trunk/etc/openocd/target/ openocd: target .cfg file should match with MIOS32_BOARD  
519 3593d 15h tk /trunk/etc/openocd/ switched openocd configuration to 0.1.0  
501 3600d 16h tk /trunk/etc/doxygen/ exclude mios32/MIOSJUCE from doxygen generation  
400 3646d 21h stryd_one /trunk/ Added egypt scripts and makefile targets for callgraphs  
395 3651d 11h stryd_one /trunk/etc/openocd/ Config files for new OpenOCD 0.1.0
Not all are tested, see file comments
375 3669d 19h stryd_one /trunk/etc/openocd/interface/ Olimex ARM-USB-OCD  
373 3672d 07h tk /trunk/etc/doxygen/ exclude uip from doxygen  

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