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878 3336d 22h tk /trunk/ overworked interconnection tests  
863 3378d 00h tk /trunk/ ucapps: added description for ultra low cost SD card adapter  
847 3398d 21h tk /trunk/ MBHP_USB_PIC: fixed SysEx issue under MacOS  
832 3426d 23h tk /trunk/ some website updates  
811 3452d 16h tk /trunk/ changes for midibox_seq_manual_hw.html  
810 3453d 17h tk /trunk/ updated mbhp_lcd page  
804 3465d 18h tk /trunk/ucapps/ rearranged some MIOS pages  
790 3548d 18h tk /trunk/ midibox_sid_v2_0_rc31  
787 3562d 00h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 download page  
778 3567d 21h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v3_4e  
777 3570d 18h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v3_4d  
774 3575d 05h tk /trunk/ schematics: corrected notch position  
760 3615d 15h tk /trunk/ this .brd file is cursed  
750 3629d 17h tk /trunk/ midibox_808_v1_1
745 3634d 17h tk /trunk/ midibox_sid_v2_0_rc29  
697 3659d 11h tk /trunk/ucapps/ v3->v4  
673 3666d 16h tk /trunk/ release script for java apps  
643 3681d 16h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v3_4a  
626 3684d 16h tk /trunk/ implemented debug_msg function  
618 3685d 14h tk /trunk/ fix pin description  

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