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1200 1114d 15h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1130 1921d 16h tk /trunk/ucapps/ updated ucapps docs  
1042 2442d 11h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
919 3125d 21h tk /trunk/ucapps/ some ucapps updates  
867 3296d 14h tk /trunk/ MBSID: added direct WT position control via key number  
760 3545d 13h tk /trunk/ this .brd file is cursed  
697 3589d 09h tk /trunk/ucapps/ v3->v4  
603 3623d 15h tk /trunk/ucapps/ added link to CC and SysEx parameters  
379 3811d 12h tk /trunk/ fixed spelling error (seperate->separate)  
366 3820d 13h tk /trunk/ucapps/ webpage updates  
284 3886d 13h tk /trunk/ucapps/ added hint about oneshot/sync mode  
253 3905d 13h tk /trunk/ucapps/ mbsid updates  
163 3938d 11h tk /trunk/ucapps/ added website to repository