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1084 2286d 09h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1042 2507d 09h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
745 3629d 12h tk /trunk/ midibox_sid_v2_0_rc29  
697 3654d 06h tk /trunk/ucapps/ v3->v4  
618 3680d 09h tk /trunk/ fix pin description  
448 3824d 11h tk /trunk/ mbseq v3.3c: various bugfixes and improvements  
422 3848d 18h tk /trunk/ added tap tempo function  
420 3849d 10h tk /trunk/ucapps/ mbsidv2 editor  
163 4003d 08h tk /trunk/ucapps/ added website to repository