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1113 2245d 14h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
931 3104d 16h tk /trunk/ website updates  
927 3129d 23h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps: some website updates  
919 3227d 22h tk /trunk/ucapps/ some ucapps updates  
811 3484d 14h tk /trunk/ changes for midibox_seq_manual_hw.html  
746 3665d 15h stryd_one /trunk/ucapps/ Recommendation for higher current PSU if required.  
697 3691d 10h tk /trunk/ucapps/ v3->v4  
673 3698d 14h tk /trunk/ release script for java apps  
596 3729d 11h tk /trunk/ updated mbseq_v3_interconnections - probably this picture was the reason, why people still thought that a IIC module is required  
171 4035d 16h tk /trunk/ucapps/ changed infos about EUSART bug  
163 4040d 11h tk /trunk/ucapps/ added website to repository