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1187 1529d 04h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1181 1627d 04h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1172 1696d 05h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1125 2104d 03h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1117 2167d 04h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1089 2291d 02h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1031 2611d 00h tk /trunk/ucapps/ some doc updates  
1015 2749d 04h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1004 2775d 02h tk /trunk/ucapps/ some ucapps updates  
1001 2821d 03h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
931 3073d 05h tk /trunk/ website updates  
899 3269d 02h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps mbseq: new manual page  
863 3378d 11h tk /trunk/ ucapps: added description for ultra low cost SD card adapter  
825 3431d 11h tk /trunk/ucapps/ MBSEQ doc update  
816 3447d 06h tk /trunk/ try: new encoder mode decoding as proposed by avogra  
813 3450d 01h tk /trunk/ucapps/ various updates for MBSEQ manual  
812 3452d 04h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ manual updates  
796 3534d 03h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps: preparation for MIDIbox SEQ manual