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1200 1217d 20h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1181 1659d 19h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1066 2492d 23h tk /trunk/ some ucapps updates  
905 3279d 23h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
750 3662d 19h tk /trunk/ midibox_808_v1_1
448 3862d 19h tk /trunk/ mbseq v3.3c: various bugfixes and improvements  
408 3893d 19h tk /trunk/ucapps/ re-release of all MIOS applications; updated webpages  
379 3914d 17h tk /trunk/ fixed spelling error (seperate->separate)  
323 3978d 21h tk /trunk/ README.txt now contains link to wiki  
319 3979d 19h tk /trunk/ucapps/ new release  
211 4017d 03h tk /trunk/ucapps/ new version  
203 4033d 07h tk /trunk/  
163 4041d 15h tk /trunk/ucapps/ added website to repository