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931 3097d 19h tk /trunk/ website updates  
883 3316d 14h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps: updated MIDI troubleshooting page  
867 3391d 17h tk /trunk/ MBSID: added direct WT position control via key number  
816 3471d 20h tk /trunk/ try: new encoder mode decoding as proposed by avogra  
789 3582d 19h tk /trunk/ucapps/ website updates  
787 3587d 02h tk /trunk/ MIOS32 download page  
768 3639d 08h tk /trunk/ swapped M+/M- labels  
760 3640d 17h tk /trunk/ this .brd file is cursed  
758 3642d 18h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v3_4c  
754 3647d 08h tk /trunk/ucapps/ fixed doc errors  
750 3654d 19h tk /trunk/ midibox_808_v1_1
745 3659d 18h tk /trunk/ midibox_sid_v2_0_rc29  
673 3691d 17h tk /trunk/ release script for java apps  
631 3708d 16h tk /trunk/ucapps/ MBHP_CORE_STM32 page updates  
618 3710d 16h tk /trunk/ fix pin description  
614 3711d 01h tk /trunk/ MBHP_CORE_STM32: R3 was redundant  
610 3712d 13h tk /trunk/ucapps/ updated infos on core modules  
585 3727d 15h tk /trunk/ucapps/ new docs