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617 3683d 10h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ changed PCB label to 2a  
614 3683d 19h tk /trunk/ MBHP_CORE_STM32: R3 was redundant  
606 3689d 14h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_lcd/ renamed core2->core32  
605 3689d 14h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_lcd/ added male/female indicator  
604 3689d 14h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_lcd/ schematic for MBHP_LCD core->core32 adapter  
596 3695d 08h tk /trunk/ updated mbseq_v3_interconnections - probably this picture was the reason, why people still thought that a IIC module is required  
587 3700d 08h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ new layout from Nils  
586 3700d 08h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ added note about MIOS32 BSL  
577 3710d 16h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_ltc/ improvements  
576 3710d 17h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_ltc/ added schematic for UART BSL  
575 3710d 17h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ added J27 jumper, changed R31 from 220 to 1k  
519 3753d 13h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ minor improvements (e.g. added more labels)  
518 3753d 14h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ renamed eagle files for consistency reasons  
517 3753d 14h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ fixed naming  
506 3757d 08h nils /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/  
503 3763d 13h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ J16/J8/J9 RC was wrong  
502 3764d 09h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ mbhp_core_stm32_v1_0  
496 3774d 10h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ mbhp_core_stm32_v0_7  
491 3784d 09h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ mbhp_core_stm32_v0_6  
489 3785d 09h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32/ mbhp_core_stm32_v0_5  

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