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655 3708d 09h this /trunk/modules/fram/ documentation completed  
646 3709d 17h this /trunk/modules/fram/ changed default pin's: all to J10; highlevel-function bugfix  
637 3711d 13h this /trunk/modules/fram/ 1MHz IIC driver over J4 successfully tested  
634 3711d 18h this /trunk/modules/fram/ high/low level functions tested with MIOS_IIC as backend  
627 3712d 15h this /trunk/modules/fram/ added high level functions  
626 3712d 23h tk /trunk/ implemented debug_msg function  
623 3713d 14h this /trunk/modules/fram/ all functions work with FRAM_MIOS_IIC=1 now  
621 3713d 16h this /trunk/modules/fram/  
611 3715d 13h this /trunk/modules/fram/ first w/r checks successful  
609 3717d 02h this /trunk/modules/mod_skel/  
608 3719d 21h this /trunk/modules/fram/  
599 3724d 17h this /trunk/modules/fram/  
597 3724d 22h this /trunk/modules/fram/ work in progress  
595 3726d 09h this /trunk/modules/mod_skel/ removed the define workaround (copy def -> _def)  
593 3726d 23h this /trunk/modules/mod_skel/ fixed c function wrapper templates (movwf -> movff)  
569 3747d 08h tk /trunk/modules/sdcard/ mS -> uS  
567 3749d 23h tk /trunk/modules/sdcard/ fixed comment  
566 3749d 23h tk /trunk/ fixed ACCESS/BANKED bug for KS0108 GLCD driver  
447 3869d 23h tk /trunk/modules/sdcard/ added hint for using SDCARD_FILE_Seek() in conjunction with SDCARD_SectorWrite()  
440 3872d 02h tk /trunk/modules/sdcard/ fixed _sdcard_file_sector_cl2 calculation  

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