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1165 1423d 03h tk /trunk/mios/ MIOS8: improved speed handling  
947 2682d 11h tk /trunk/mios/ MIOS: set BSR when calling MIOS_MF_Enable  
833 3126d 09h tk /trunk/ even more website updates  
831 3126d 10h tk /trunk/mios/ minor change in MIOS V1.9g changelog  
827 3126d 13h tk /trunk/mios/ mios_v1_9g  
823 3143d 06h tk /trunk/mios/ mios_enc modes: added hint about originator  
822 3143d 06h tk /trunk/ added new ENC mode documentation from avogra  
820 3146d 03h tk /trunk/mios/ mios_enc: fixed last typo?  
819 3146d 04h tk /trunk/mios/ mios_enc: fixed another typo  
818 3146d 04h tk /trunk/mios/ mios_enc: changed code again (now I know what went wrong;)  
817 3146d 04h tk /trunk/mios/ mios_enc: corrected mapping  
816 3146d 05h tk /trunk/ try: new encoder mode decoding as proposed by avogra  
626 3384d 03h tk /trunk/ implemented debug_msg function  
566 3421d 02h tk /trunk/ fixed ACCESS/BANKED bug for KS0108 GLCD driver  
445 3541d 05h tk /trunk/mios/ merger bugfix for F3 message (song select message)  
379 3581d 01h tk /trunk/ fixed spelling error (seperate->separate)  
322 3645d 06h tk /trunk/mios/ corrected comment  
321 3645d 06h tk /trunk/mios/ added MIOS_ENABLE_* flags  
278 3658d 08h tk /trunk/mios/ fixed doc  
105 3718d 01h tk /trunk/mios/ fixed comment (usage of MIOS_IIC_* not only limited to EEPROMs  

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