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808 3461d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Removed redundant VirtualMidiDevice subclasses.

NOTE: Still incomplete, interim release only.
738 3644d 00h adamjking /trunk/java/  
696 3659d 12h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/ Editor update:
- FileHandler is now forcing .syx extension when saving
- Drum/Bass sequence selection now using radiobuttons (for faster access)
- Display offset features added to show correct values (i.e. midichannel 1-16 instead of 0-15)
- Fixed an insane amount of cosmetic issues
- Add ARP 'easy chord' button for RC28
- fixed transmit-to-memory routines (null-pointer-exceptions occured on selection of a single patch to send)
- play and panic buttons added in Sysex editor
628 3684d 07h adamjking /trunk/java/ Merged java codebases between MIOS Studio and SIDV2 Librarian  
272 3969d 14h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
259 3974d 15h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
254 3975d 01h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/gui/  
213 3983d 15h tk /trunk/java/ adding java tree