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738 3669d 18h adamjking /trunk/java/  
710 3680d 16h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/  
706 3681d 10h rutgerv /trunk/java/ SID Editor fixes:
- Fixed envelope 2 routing issue for LEAD engine
- Stereo link no longer enabled by default
- Nicer buttons for stereo/osc link and for play/panic
698 3683d 14h rutgerv /trunk/java/ Updated toolbar  
692 3688d 10h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
666 3693d 10h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
647 3707d 04h adamjking /trunk/java/ Updated VirtualKeyboard app, changed SIDV2 Librarian dialog box back to modal operation  
639 3708d 07h adamjking /trunk/java/ Add MIDI Thru port, fixed dialog box problems  
628 3710d 02h adamjking /trunk/java/ Merged java codebases between MIOS Studio and SIDV2 Librarian  
293 3980d 12h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
272 3995d 08h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
259 4000d 09h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
213 4009d 10h tk /trunk/java/ adding java tree