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657 3712d 15h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Fixed MIDI keyboard bug (see,11824.0.html)
- Fixed frame L&F bug
- Fixed MIOSStudioSID workaround for Java SysEx bug
- Updated SIDV2 Librarian sliders
650 3714d 15h adamjking /trunk/java/ Added more Slider UIs  
649 3714d 15h adamjking /trunk/java/ Added custom Slider UIs  
647 3714d 16h adamjking /trunk/java/ Updated VirtualKeyboard app, changed SIDV2 Librarian dialog box back to modal operation  
639 3715d 19h adamjking /trunk/java/ Add MIDI Thru port, fixed dialog box problems  
628 3717d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/ Merged java codebases between MIOS Studio and SIDV2 Librarian  
505 3795d 22h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
504 3796d 01h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
304 3983d 21h tk /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/gui/ renamed "hardware requirement" to "hardware information"  
303 3983d 22h tk /trunk/ improvements for Editor  
294 3987d 21h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
293 3988d 00h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
289 3988d 23h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/  
273 4001d 23h tk /trunk/java/org/midibox/ new acknowledge format  
272 4002d 21h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
259 4007d 22h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
255 4008d 05h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/  
254 4008d 08h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/gui/  
250 4010d 21h rutgerv /trunk/java/org/midibox/  
249 4010d 22h tk /trunk/java/org/midibox/sidedit/ Clk4/16 -> Clk6/24  

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