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808 3461d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Removed redundant VirtualMidiDevice subclasses.

NOTE: Still incomplete, interim release only.
800 3477d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/ Add base SysexSendReceive classes - still incomplete  
762 3615d 03h adamjking /trunk/java/ - changed config file path  
741 3636d 02h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added TODO list
- saved GUI layout to XML config file instead of registry
- enhanced MIDI Filter GUI
739 3643d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/  
738 3644d 00h adamjking /trunk/java/  
723 3650d 07h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Saving and restoring of workspace completed for all MIDI utilities, just MIOS utilities to do.  
721 3650d 22h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Added XML config file saving/restoring. 80% finished.  
715 3654d 06h adamjking /trunk/java/  
713 3654d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/  
702 3657d 16h adamjking /trunk/java/org/midibox/apps/miosstudio/  
693 3660d 04h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added test code for ALSA hex file upload fix  
642 3682d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/ Formatted source code and organised imports  
641 3682d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/ Moved MIDI device selection and MIDI Filters to main toolbar  
639 3682d 12h adamjking /trunk/java/ Add MIDI Thru port, fixed dialog box problems  
628 3684d 07h adamjking /trunk/java/ Merged java codebases between MIOS Studio and SIDV2 Librarian