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808 3394d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Removed redundant VirtualMidiDevice subclasses.

NOTE: Still incomplete, interim release only.
800 3410d 20h adamjking /trunk/java/ Add base SysexSendReceive classes - still incomplete  
757 3553d 06h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added more save/restore options for GUI  
756 3554d 06h adamjking /trunk/java/  
741 3569d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added TODO list
- saved GUI layout to XML config file instead of registry
- enhanced MIDI Filter GUI
739 3576d 20h adamjking /trunk/java/  
738 3577d 06h adamjking /trunk/java/  
723 3583d 13h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Saving and restoring of workspace completed for all MIDI utilities, just MIOS utilities to do.  
721 3584d 04h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Added XML config file saving/restoring. 80% finished.  
719 3586d 20h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Added push buttons to main window instead of LEDs  
715 3587d 12h adamjking /trunk/java/  
713 3587d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/  
709 3588d 07h adamjking /trunk/java/  
693 3593d 10h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added test code for ALSA hex file upload fix  
684 3598d 12h adamjking /trunk/java/ - changed SID V2 Editor name
- added package release files
682 3598d 15h adamjking /trunk/java/ - updated help files
- renamed SID V2 driver class
668 3600d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/ - fixed knob & slider handling for SID Editor and MIOS Studio
- created JavaDoc
662 3608d 14h adamjking /trunk/java/ - removed old files
- created skeleton classes for XML implementation
661 3609d 18h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Removed old files  
660 3611d 18h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Changed knob keyboard behaviour to act like sliders
- Added custom SID V2 Editor backgrounds

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