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762 3545d 02h adamjking /trunk/java/ - changed config file path  
757 3549d 22h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added more save/restore options for GUI  
756 3550d 23h adamjking /trunk/java/  
753 3553d 01h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added MRU lists  
744 3565d 03h adamjking /trunk/java/org/midibox/apps/miosstudio/gui/xml/  
742 3566d 00h adamjking /trunk/java/org/midibox/apps/miosstudio/gui/  
741 3566d 00h adamjking /trunk/java/ - added TODO list
- saved GUI layout to XML config file instead of registry
- enhanced MIDI Filter GUI
740 3569d 07h stryd_one /trunk/java/res/help/ MIOSStudio beta 9 Changelog  
739 3573d 12h adamjking /trunk/java/  
738 3573d 22h adamjking /trunk/java/  
734 3576d 19h adamjking /trunk/java/org/midibox/apps/miosstudiosid/  
733 3576d 20h adamjking /trunk/java/  
732 3577d 22h adamjking /trunk/java/  
730 3578d 06h adamjking /trunk/java/  
729 3578d 07h adamjking /trunk/java/org/midibox/mios/xml/ - Changed HexFile XML spec. NOTE breaks old format.  
727 3578d 21h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Completed XML saving/restoring for MIOS utilities  
726 3579d 10h adamjking /trunk/java/release_files/ - Fixed case sensitivity on COPYRIGHT.txt
- Fixed MIOSStudioSID.txt
724 3580d 05h adamjking /trunk/java/ - changed MidiFilter to use channels[0-15]. NOTE: this breaks original XML MidiFilter definition.  
723 3580d 06h adamjking /trunk/java/ - Saving and restoring of workspace completed for all MIDI utilities, just MIOS utilities to do.  
722 3580d 08h adamjking /trunk/java/  

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