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982 2494d 11h JRFarmer /trunk/ Adding Eclipse project files for sdcc_skeleton app.  
822 3050d 17h tk /trunk/ added new ENC mode documentation from avogra  
821 3053d 14h tk /trunk/include/ added DETENTED5 type  
816 3053d 16h tk /trunk/ try: new encoder mode decoding as proposed by avogra  
443 3449d 14h tk /trunk/ new environment variable MIOS_SHELL to support Ubuntu  
404 3467d 19h tk /trunk/ "all" target for  
400 3468d 15h tk /trunk/ renamed to
new release script ""
390 3474d 18h tk /trunk/include/makefile/ added new share directory to DIST  
388 3480d 14h tk /trunk/include/share/ added #ifdef _HW_FLAGS_H to allow multi-includes  
387 3480d 15h tk /trunk/include/ hw_flags.h now also available for C based applications  
331 3545d 15h tk /trunk/ new applications  
315 3554d 01h tk /trunk/include/makefile/ move LIBS  
312 3554d 17h tk /trunk/ added LIBS  
310 3554d 18h tk /trunk/ providing default libraries  
173 3610d 12h tk /trunk/ first version of release script  
80 3642d 21h tk /trunk/ replaced mios-sdcc and mios-gpasm perl scripts by shell/sed scripts
Perl installation not required anymore to compile a C program! :)
69 3645d 11h tk /trunk/ added ID keywords property (again)  
61 3645d 16h tk /trunk/include/asm/ "global" directive only allowed for object files
Could be added to mios_wrapper.asm if really required
57 3645d 16h tk /trunk/include/asm/ dummy tables for MT/ENC  
53 3646d 13h tk / rearrange directories  

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