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1105 2114d 19h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1049 2377d 22h tk /trunk/doc/ MBHP_MF_V3 -> NG  
984 2737d 23h tk /trunk/doc/mios/ MIOS SysEx implementation doc: added error code 0xb and 0xc  
952 2854d 05h tk /trunk/doc/ added MBHP_MF_V3 to the SYSEX_HEADERS doc  
863 3249d 06h tk /trunk/ ucapps: added description for ultra low cost SD card adapter  
798 3396d 00h tk /trunk/ MBSEQ: minor fixes  
759 3488d 20h stryd_one /trunk/doc/ Added stryd's ID, also testing geanyVC plugin  
618 3556d 20h tk /trunk/ fix pin description  
583 3576d 20h tk /trunk/doc/ added MIOS32 BSL SysEx ID  
446 3712d 23h tk /trunk/doc/mios/ added pin list to repository  
439 3715d 22h tk /trunk/ added syx_dump demo  
204 3871d 10h tk /trunk/doc/ corrected paths  
203 3871d 10h tk /trunk/  
107 3889d 18h tk /trunk/doc/ list of magic numbers and sysex headers  
53 3910d 20h tk / rearrange directories  
47 3910d 22h tk /doc/ added : $  
1 3912d 23h tk / initial import