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743 3480d 19h adamjking /trunk/bin/  
725 3494d 05h adamjking /trunk/bin/ - Added classpath to javac command
- Deleted .pov (POVray source files) and .pl (Perl build files) from release binary
677 3510d 18h tk /trunk/bin/ remove .java files for binary release, force java version to 1.5  
675 3511d 08h tk /trunk/bin/ corrected path to .jar file  
674 3511d 09h tk /trunk/bin/ release dir should be removed  
673 3511d 09h tk /trunk/ release script for java apps  
449 3674d 09h tk /trunk/bin/ now removes itself after execution  
444 3687d 09h tk /trunk/bin/ removed obsolete reference to MIOS_SHELL in header (not used anyhow)  
443 3687d 09h tk /trunk/ new environment variable MIOS_SHELL to support Ubuntu  
413 3704d 02h stryd_one /trunk/bin/ Fix for env vars bug (use 'export')  
405 3705d 14h tk /trunk/bin/ added -asm_and_c option  
402 3706d 09h tk /trunk/bin/ release script for base package (doesn't work properly under DOS)  
401 3706d 10h tk /trunk/bin/ release script update for DOS  
400 3706d 10h tk /trunk/ renamed to
new release script ""
325 3790d 09h tk /trunk/bin/ found tool in my archive  
310 3792d 13h tk /trunk/ providing default libraries  
182 3846d 15h tk /trunk/bin/ update for DOS  
177 3848d 06h tk /trunk/bin/  
176 3848d 06h tk /trunk/bin/ improved instructions for doing a release  
175 3848d 06h tk /trunk/bin/ changed email  

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