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1202 1205d 03h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ fixed initialization bug (in-out map was not built on init)  
1201 1205d 04h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ fixed braces and indentation  
781 3593d 02h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/  
780 3593d 02h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ code aesthetics  
536 3769d 23h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ updated comments in main.c  
507 3784d 16h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ Adde Info Screens  
499 3794d 16h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ First working version  
479 3822d 00h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ fixed pointer issue (MIOS_BANKSTICK_WritePage / ReadPage) for current_preset (is already a pointer
to the first element of the struct-array.
473 3824d 07h this /trunk/apps/processing/midi_mapper/ @ vs. & bug fixed  
472 3824d 17h stryd_one /trunk/apps/ Organising  
471 3824d 17h this /trunk/apps/midi_mapper/ just a commit  
468 3829d 06h this /trunk/apps/midi_mapper/ eliminate some bugs  
465 3837d 23h this /trunk/apps/midi_mapper/