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649 3708d 23h adamjking /trunk/java/ Added custom Slider UIs  
648 3708d 23h this /trunk/apps/troubleshooting/sdcc_fram_test/  
647 3708d 23h adamjking /trunk/java/ Updated VirtualKeyboard app, changed SIDV2 Librarian dialog box back to modal operation  
646 3709d 00h this /trunk/modules/fram/ changed default pin's: all to J10; highlevel-function bugfix  
645 3709d 00h this /trunk/apps/troubleshooting/sdcc_fram_test/ bugfixes  
644 3709d 05h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v3_4a  
643 3709d 06h tk /trunk/ midibox_seq_v3_4a  
642 3709d 22h adamjking /trunk/java/ Formatted source code and organised imports  
641 3709d 22h adamjking /trunk/java/ Moved MIDI device selection and MIDI Filters to main toolbar  
640 3710d 02h adamjking /trunk/java/org/midibox/ Fixed all dialog box problems  
639 3710d 02h adamjking /trunk/java/ Add MIDI Thru port, fixed dialog box problems  
638 3710d 20h this /trunk/apps/troubleshooting/sdcc_fram_test/ added test run trigger ability and speed check mode  
637 3710d 20h this /trunk/modules/fram/ 1MHz IIC driver over J4 successfully tested  
636 3710d 20h this /trunk/apps/troubleshooting/sdcc_fram_test/ Feature added (time counter)  
635 3711d 01h this /trunk/apps/troubleshooting/sdcc_fram_test/ tested with the new FRAM-highlevel functions  
634 3711d 01h this /trunk/modules/fram/ high/low level functions tested with MIOS_IIC as backend  
633 3711d 02h adamjking /trunk/java/ Tested updating JavaDoc documentation and committing to SVN  
632 3711d 03h adamjking /trunk/java/ Updated JavaDoc documentation  
631 3711d 05h tk /trunk/ucapps/ MBHP_CORE_STM32 page updates  
630 3711d 15h adamjking /trunk/java/doc/ Added javadoc documentation  

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