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1227 160d 12h tk /playground/Antichambre/djo_mb_dr55/ repaired filename  
1226 572d 18h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/djo_mb_dr55/doc/ useless files removed.  
1225 572d 18h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/djo_mb_dr55/ Midified Djo' DR55 Dr'Rythm, firmare & doc. added. Project can be found here  
1224 572d 19h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/ manager removed can be found here:  
1223 572d 20h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/doc/ adding sysex implementation txt  
1222 572d 20h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/doc/ adding sysex implementation txt  
1221 572d 20h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/  
1220 572d 20h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/  
1219 572d 23h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/  
1218 573d 00h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/  
1217 573d 00h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/  
1216 573d 00h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/ clean  
1215 573d 01h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/midibox_tia.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace/xcuserdata/Bruno.xcuserdatad/ clean...  
1214 573d 01h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/ Deleting modules ref  
1213 573d 01h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/  
1212 573d 01h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/ add test file  
1211 573d 01h Antichambre /playground/ cleanning  
1210 573d 01h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/ test  
1209 573d 02h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/midibox_tia/  
1208 573d 02h Antichambre /playground/Antichambre/ Antichambre was here...  
1193 1065d 14h Marxon /playground/marxon/trunk/apps/  
1192 1065d 14h Marxon /playground/marxon/trunk/  
1191 1065d 14h Marxon /playground/marxon/  
1131 1675d 20h antichambre /playground/Antichambre_was_here/ Added directory "Antichambre_was_here"  
1037 2211d 13h gomiboy99 /playground/  
1036 2211d 13h gomiboy99 /playground/  
936 2683d 01h wilba /playground/ test  
889 2977d 16h protofuse /playground/  
888 2977d 16h protofuse /playground/test/ test  
791 3234d 23h ac /playground/ testing... finally ready join the svn lounge :-)  
767 3309d 12h tk /playground/ just to be on the secure side: add some additional brackets  
766 3309d 12h tk /playground/ another DMX update  
765 3309d 14h tk /playground/ alternative version for DMX handling  
764 3309d 14h philetaylor /playground/  
763 3309d 16h tk /playground/ dmx code changes  
761 3310d 11h philetaylor /playground/  
701 3352d 15h jack /playground/Jack/Eagle3D_MIDIBox_User_Pack/  
700 3352d 16h jack /playground/Jack/  
699 3352d 16h jack /playground/Jack/  
686 3359d 22h tk /playground/ test2