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50 4039d 03h tk /modules/ added : $  
43 4039d 04h tk /modules/libdev/  
42 4039d 04h tk /modules/iic_midi/  
41 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
40 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
39 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
38 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
37 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
36 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
35 4039d 04h tk /modules/aout/  
34 4039d 05h tk /modules/aout/  
33 4039d 05h tk /modules/aout/ $Id$ test  
29 4040d 05h tk /modules/ added DIST variable propagation  
22 4040d 06h tk / enhanced makefile scheme  
21 4041d 01h tk /modules/iic_midi/ added IIC_MIDI_DONT_USE_J5_INPUTS flags  
20 4041d 01h tk /modules/iic_midi/ RI pins can be overruled now  
19 4041d 02h tk /modules/midi_rxtx_leds/ fixed typo  
17 4041d 02h tk /modules/iic_midi/ removed invalid IIC_MIDI_Tick() declaration  
14 4041d 02h tk /modules/iic_midi/ driver for MBHP_IIC_MIDI module  
13 4041d 02h tk /modules/midi_rxtx_leds/ new module  

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